Michelob Ultra

I decided to try one of the bottles of Michelob Ultra that weasled its way into my beer fridge so as to make room for some real beer. I poured out part of the bottle into a couple of glasses and the wife and I proceeded to examine them. My wife, the longtime Bud Light drinker, poured hers out in disgust after the first sip. That should have been a warning to me, but I continued to study my sample. What little head the beer had managed to produce quickly dissipated and the color was so light it could have been tinted water. The only aroma I could detect was a very subtle skunkiness, but since this beer was packaged in brown bottle I can only assume this was a characteristic of the beer itself rather than an actual skunking. As I took a sip I started to suspect this really might be just a bottle of tinted water after all because there was really very little flavor at all. There was nothing horrible, but nothing good either. It really did taste like a watered-down light beer. Nevertheless I bravely finished the sample in my glass, but the remaining third of the bottle found its way down the drain as I could not bring myself to drink any more of it. I just have to wonder who drinks this stuff? It sure as hell won't be me. Michelob Ultra gets a big ol’ thumbs down and gets the boot from my beer fridge.