La Trappe Quadrupel

I was down at Cost Plus World Market the other day looking through the beers, and I found an anomaly. In between the fine selection of Spaten beers and the Lindemans lambics, almost hidden by the shelf support, sat a little bottle of La Trappe Quadrupel. Ah, another Trappist ale to try! When I picked the bottle up and check the label, I was quite surprised to find out it was from the Netherlands rather than Belgium as I would have guessed. I somehow thought Belgium had a monopoly on Trappist monks, but perhaps not. I'll have to investigate that one further. Despite my doubts about the existence of Dutch Trappist monks, I quickly purchased the bottle, brought it home and stashed it in the beer fridge. Needless to say, it has been calling my name and thus it is now sitting in front of me in a glass begging to be consumed. The first thing I notice is a big ol' malty aroma. Being a quadrupel, I'm not surprised. This beer smells like it has enough malt in it to bake a loaf of barley bread with. The color is a slighty cloudy brown topped with a dark beige head. A few sips reveal a nice bit of roasted malt in the flavor, but the alcohol is not as nearly as potent as I would have expected for a quadtrupel. After a few more sips I need to revise that statement. At 10% ABV this is a potent beer, it just doesn't seem potent. The goodness of the beer tends to hide the alcohol level. All in all, this is a pretty damn good beer. I'm just bummed that I only bought one bottle.