Pyramid Snowcap Ale

Pyramid Snowcap I somehow missed out on all of the "Holiday Beers" this year, but my father-in-law was good enough to give me a bottle of Pyramid Snowcap Ale he had left over. This beer is a deep reddish, almost mahogany color with a dense beige head. The aroma contained a hint of spice, a promise of more to come from this winter warmer. This promise was more than kept when tasting the brew, as my taste buds were awash in a mix of fruity, hoppy, spicy goodness. Snowcap is not quite the assault on the senses as Anchor's Christmas beer can sometimes be, which I've described as a Christmas tree --lights and all-- in a beer bottle, and I found it to be very enjoyable. The only disappointment was that I only had one. Next year I'll have to get more.

Small Town Mayor castrated over beer

Life must be slow in Lajitas, Texas. The featured entertainment in this little town of 100 on the banks of the Rio Grande entails buying a couple of long necks at the Trading Post and feeding them to a beer-swilling goat named Clay Henry and his kin. This activity has increased tourism enough that the citizens of Lajitas elected Clay Henry Sr. as town Mayor back in 1986. Clay Sr. held the position until 1992 when he was killed by Clay Jr. in a tangle over a female during rutting season. The current Mayor, Clay Henry III, made some news of his own when it was discovered he had been castrated in the night. The suspect, Jim Bob Hargrove of nearby Del Rio, was allegedly angered when he saw the goat drinking beer on a Sunday. Since local laws prevent the sale of beer on Sundays, eyewitness claim Hargrove became jealous and threatened to castrate the animal. A recent trial on animal cruelty charges ended in a deadlocked jury. As for Clay III, he was sutured up and back to his Mayorial beer-swilling in no time.