Nimbus Brewing Co

Co-founder and original brewmaster Nimbus Couzin is gone, but his namesake brewery lives on and has, thanks to recent equipment upgrades, become the largest brewery in Arizona. I was present at the tapping of the very first keg of Pale Ale at Nimbus back in 1996, when it was a much smaller operation. That first keg was sitting in the middle of the warehouse surrounded by folding chairs and happy beer drinkers. Today the folding chairs have been replaced by couches, tables have been added and you can even shoot some pool in the shadow of the brewing equipment. The keg no longer sits on the floor thanks to a large walk-in cold storage area, and a pair of bars have been installed. Also gone is the hand-me-down 10 barrel manual brewing setup from those humbler days. In its place stands an awe-inspiring site. Three thirty foot tall fermenting tanks line the wall, the backbone of a system capable of 22,500 barrels of beer a year. Thanks to this increase in brewing capacity you can find Nimbus beers all over the state, but there is no fresher beer than at the source. I highly recommend a visit to the Nimbus brewery. They are located at 3850 East 44th Street in Tucson, Arizona.

Join me in a toast to the Astronauts

Please join me in raising a toast to the memory of all the brave men and women who risk their lives in the pursuit of space exploration. It is a dangerous job, but an important one. We live in a very fragile place, and to ensure our long-term survival we must spread Humanity to other planets. Centuries from now when history looks back at our present, the Astronauts (and Cosmonauts) of the late 20th and early 21st centuries will be just as important as the great explorers of old like Columbus and Magellan. And just think. We were here to see it.