When beer and blogging no longer mix

Normally I tend to preach quality over quantity when it comes to beer consumption, but lately I seem to be trying to squeeze in both leaving me in a state where I am unfit to write about it. In fact, I don't seem to be able to do much of anything when in that state. Gee, I wonder why? The other day I made the short trip down to Nimbus to watch a terrific band by the name of Jane Crowe & Blues Inc. Catch them if you can, they are wonderful. Before the band started, I ordered a pint of Rillito Red. As I marveled at its color and wonderful hoppy flavor, I began to take mental notes with the intention of composing a suitable review upon my return home. After what I judged to be a mere four or five pints, I was poured into the car and taken home where I promptly crawled into bed and forgot all about my planned review. The next morning as I shuffled around in pain I began lamenting the fact that my capacity for alcohol had dwindled to the point where five pints puts me out of commission the entire next day. This is the point where the spousal unit informs me that I was drinking two to her one, and she had five pints herself. I, on the other hand, had at least ten pints, perhaps as many as twelve by her reckoning. Good grief, no wonder I felt like I'd been chewed up digested and shat back out again. I do have one consolation, though.